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SharePoint 2010 Pilot course done but never finished!

We finished the SharePoint pilot course with great reviews from the attendees.

On the final day we hit a couple of glitches with excel services which is the web based way of viewing and manipulating Excel spreadsheets. Fortunately most people were able to complete the practical work and see it in action.

There was a lot of material covered in the four days and no matter how well presented, which it was, it can be tough to take it all in. The main thing is to try and apply the knowledge gained as soon after the course as possible.

The next part of the course development is where Dux has to modify the notes and exercises based on the attendees comments and fix any problems we found. In addition to that in this case he has to rebuild the loads for the machines with the release version of SharePoint as soon as it becomes available. Even then the course is never really finished. It will continue to evolve based on the feedback we get from attendees and instructors. Hope you can be a part of that by attending a class soon.  Our next sessions are starting in June in the Washington DC area with other dates to follow in New York, Toronto & Chicago.  For other dates, please visit our North American and UK schedule.  As well, most sessions are also available remotely via Learning Tree AnyWare.

David Severn

Half Way Through the SharePoint 2010 Pilot Course

Two days in to the pilot!  Attendees have filled out detailed evaluation forms at the end of each day and we then review these to see how we an improve the course – final adjustments to make it even better.  We are lucky in that we have a group of enthusiastic people who are giving us the feedback.  So far we have found a couple of places where we need some extra course notes.  Dux talked for a while about taxonomy design and got some great questions as a result of this.  Unfortunately we don’t have much in the notes about this so these need to be created.  Another area is that of content types, a really important area in SharePoint.  Our challenge with each of these subjects is how detailed to make the material since this is an introductory course.

A few slides with screenshots have colors that were a little unclear on the classroom screens.  These will be changed to have greater contrast.

Another area we will increase is that of post exercise class discussions whereby we get great ideas and comments  to share during the course.  Apart from a few other minor mistakes we are in good shape and that’s not my view it’s the view of the class !

David Severn

The SharePoint 2010 Pilot Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow is the day we start to find out about our new SharePoint 2010 course. No matter what we think of it, the ultimate judges are the attendees.

Today we set up the classroom and carried out the final tests. We had a few  small glitches which we fixed and now we are ready. I will be sitting at the back of the class making notes. At the end of each day our attendees fill out a detailed evaluation form. After this Karen, Dux and I review these with a view to identifying any areas of the course that need adjustment.

We are looking forward to sharing the results!

David Severn

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